Shearwater Restaurants are already amongst the most popular places in town to have lunch or dinner, and our Helipad dinners have proved hugely popular, so the addition of 2 new dining experiences this year will enhance customer experiences even further.

  • Lunch with Livingstone.
  • Full Moon dinner

Lunch with LivingstoneLunch with Livingstone

A Tour of the Falls is generally taken by most visitors on their first full day in the town – generally top of their list of things to do in Victoria Falls and certainly the most obvious of what to do in Victoria Falls.

For most a trip to this part of Africa is a once in a lifetime never to be repeated experience. If you are lucky enough to be visiting the greatest of all the 7 natural wonders of the world – don’t rush it, ensure you maximise your opportunity and take full advantage of this spectacular show of nature. Start by making some sensible decisions.

Arrange for a Guided Tour of the Falls. Nature has created this extraordinarily beautiful sight over millennia – don’t demean her by a quick rush around the pathways, with a been there, seen it ticked it off attitude. You can only appreciate its full glory if you have a proper insight into its creation, geology, geography, natural and contemporary history. Your Shearwater Guided Tour of the Falls will provide this, with plenty of colourful and humorous anecdotes besides.

Now that you have learned and understood so much, and most importantly stood and seen, watched and listened to this stupendous spectacle, don’t just let it all become a blur as you rush off to the next activity on your what to do in Victoria Falls priority list that has tried to whittle down the numerous variety of things to do in Victoria Falls.

Not least, a productive walk around the falls will take you an hour and a half, 3km – and in Rainforest steamy heat. DON’T head straight for the exit. Now is the time to sit down relax, have a nice cooling drink and reflect. The Rainforest Café is the absolutely perfect place to do it – right there at the end of your walk near the exit. Think about all you have seen, check your photos and film footage. Log onto the café wifi and facebook location – and get those incredible photos and footage out to all your friends and networks. As you do this in comfort, still within earshot of the pounding falls and with the cooling mists of spray that linger in the atmosphere, enjoy your fabulous lunch. A fitting 3 course delicious lunch prepared by our expert chefs – all part of your Lunch with Livingstone package.

That’s not the end of it though. As you delight in your fantastic lunch at one of the best restaurants in Victoria Falls, you also have a front row seat for the Livingstone presentation that is part of the Lunch with Livingstone activity. Be royally entertained by a theatrical first person presentation of the life and times of his extraordinary individual who did and gave so much for Africa.

The Lunch with Livingstone is truly the very best way on all levels to get the most out of a visit to the Falls, and given that seeing the falls is the number one of all things to do in Victoria Falls, and the star of the show of what to do in Victoria Falls, be sure to take advantage of it.

Full Moon DinnerFull Moon Dinner

Of all the things to do in Victoria Falls some are more obvious than others. A tour around the falls at night might not be on everybodys wish list of what to do in Victoria Falls. However, it becomes an entirely different prospect when you get the unique opportunity to not only do so at full moon, but then enjoy a sumptuous dinner in the rainforest afterwards as well as a splendid Livingstone presentation spoken in the first person.

A full moon in Victoria Falls is a beautiful sight in its own right. With the skies normally totally cloud free, the entire sky is a starlit panoply of beauty and the complete globe of the moon is like a great big neon bulb lighting all below it in silvery tones. With such little light pollution even the simplest forms can look wondrous: a baobab tree, a hilltop etc.

Imagine just how seriously illustrious the Victoria Falls then can look at night, illuminated by the monochrome moon. The Falls look like pure fountains of molten mercury leaping into the gorge below, sending up plumes of ghostly clouds. Vision is hardly impaired at all the moon is so bright – everything is seen through in a totally different perspective. And of course there is exhilerating enigma of seeing an actual Moonbow – a lunar rainbow, a vision of priceless and delicate beauty.

Shearwater offer a world unique experience in this respect. An opportunity not only for a Guided lunar Tour of the Falls conducted with an entirely different aspect to a daytime tour, but also a rare opportunity to have dinner in the Rainforest on this most spellbinding and bewitching of occasions. An area of the Rainforest Café – inarguably one of the best restaurants in Victoria Falls, is dressed and decorated in an evocative style to inspire the thoughts of the life and times of Livingstone: a Rainforest Banquet ensues. A truly 3 course gourmet meal, followed by a captivating and theatrical presentation by ‘’Livingstone’’ himself.

Dinner is always on the list of what to do in Victoria Falls after nightfall, but a banquet at one of the 7 wonders of the world under a full moon is so esoteric that few would think it a possibility as a contender in what to do in Victoria Falls.


Fly it, Raft it, Jump it, Cruise it… …Book It

Whether you want to

FLY (flight of Angels Helicopter Tours), RAFT (Best grade 5 White Water Rafting in the world), CRUISE (classic Zambezi Sunset Cruise), JUMP (Victoria Falls Bungee Jump – off the iconic Victoria Falls Bridge), TOUR (Guided Tour of the falls), EAT (2 of the best resturants in the falls – Rainforest Café, and Shearwater Café),SAFARI ( Elephant Back Ride Safaris or Game Drives)



One company stands out from all the rest – SHEARWATER is the original and the best.

Shearwater is in it’s 4th decade of providing the very best of things to do In Victoria Falls which includes the most awesome and popular activities.

We are the original White water rafting company based in Victoria Falls and our pioneering spirit (aptly our motto) has ensured, that ever since our start in 1985 we have been the most innovative and progressive company in the area – always looking for exciting new products and services.

Most visitors to the Falls arrive on an afternoon flight (possibly booked at the Shearwater flight office), and can then be collected with punctuality, efficiency and professionally by a Shearwater transfer vehicle, which will stow all luggage and take guests to respective hotels to settle in.

Being late afternoon by now – time for one of the very best things to do in Victoria Falls and an activity no one should miss: a classic Zambezi sunset cruise. Shearwater will collect you from your hotel and take you to the Shearwater jetty for an unforgettable cruise on one of its twin decked craft as you sit back and indulge your romantic imagination – cruising the mighty Zambezi river just upstream of the amazing falls, enjoying a complimentary bar and delicious snacks. Watch a sunset you never thought possible.

At the end of the cruise get a transfer back into town and enjoy a fantastic meal at the superb Shearwater Café – amazing to go from the sublime to the urbane in such a short distance.

On your first morning – do what you came here to do – and the premier sightseeing tour in the area – enjoy an informative and expertly guided tour of the Victoria Falls and learn everything of the history, geography and contemporary form one of the Shearwater veterans.

Then for true perspective – Our flight of angels helicopter flight has become the mandatory thrill for ensuring visitors enjoy and witness the falls in all their incredible glory.

Next have a break and a coffee, and write a postcard at the Shearwater Café, before catching the complimentary Bungee bridge bus, to the iconic Victoria Falls bridge. Cross into no mans land between the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe. First of all take in this amazing vista: the 120 year old bridge, the breathtaking Batoka gorge with coiling spoiling rapids below, the tropical vegetation and the falls themselves. Then decide – are you going for the Big Air combo: zip line, swing and bungee (an adrenaline cleansweep), or perhaps you’d enjoy the fabulous and idiosyncratic Historical Bridge tour. ALL definitely part of the must do ‘’things to do in Victoria Falls’’, and great individual activities in Victoria Falls.

Second morning and having seen the falls from above and below – its time to taste, touch and feel it. One of the most elemental experiences you could have anywhere in the world – is an amazing white water rafting trip, through the stunning Batoka gorge as you combat the most phenomenal grade 5 rapids in the world. This is the mighty Zambezi up close and personal – and one of the best things to do not only in Victoria Falls – but anywhere in the world – an activity in Victoria falls second to none.

Time again for another extraordinary Victoria falls juxtaposition as you swap the surreal for the sublime. Get up close and personal with Africa’s iconic mammal and enjoy an Elephant back safari in the glorious and huge Stanley and Livingstone game reserve (home to an incredible 9 rhinos). Riding atop these incredible animals and the close interaction you have with them with have a lifelong effect. It is small wonder the Elephant back safari rates as one of the very best things to do in Victoria Falls and one of its top activities.