Package your Christmas with Shearwater


With the season of gift giving amongst us, the time of year when packages of all shapes and sizes are given and received throughout the globe – may be a time to consider the unique gift of a Shearwater package – possibly even to yourself.

Christmas and New Year is singly the busiest time of the year in Victoria Falls, and with demand for most activities at their highest – there are occasions when demand may outstrip supply on some activities, which means discounted opportunities can be scarce. Undoubtedly then, the best means of ensuring a great deal, is to take advantage of the numerous combination packages available. Your decision to visit at this festive time of year, may be, as always, to visit Africa’s only 7th wonder of the world: The Victoria Falls, or it may be to indulge your love of a party at the Jameson’s Vic Falls Carnival – but having committed to the prospect you may then be thinking: what to do in Victoria Falls?, pondering over how to combine the best of things to do in Victoria Falls.

Not for nothing is Victoria Falls known as the adventure capital of Africa. With quite simply the best White- water Rafting experience in the known universe, bungee jumping from the iconic Victoria Falls Bridge, Zip lining from Zambia to Zimbabwe, shooting rapids in a canoe above the falls, Helicopter Flights above the gorge and riding elephants in the bush. Well if adventure is your proverbial cup of adrenaline – then save a proverbial packet by choosing a combination from amongst the eponymously named: Gruesome Twosome, Big air combo or Ticket to Adventure.

Of course it’s not adventure all the way for things to do in Victoria Falls – there is the more cerebral and the more serene choices to be made of what to do in Victoria Falls. How about a delightfully quintessential sunset cruise on the timeless African artery of the Zambezi , or taking advantage of some of the very best game viewing opportunities on the entire continent (including the big 5). Or of course there is the animated, informative and thoroughly enjoyable presentation by our very own George Imbault on the building of the spectacular Victoria Falls Bridge – as well as an equally enthralling tour of the underneath of the bridge itself. All of these and other activities can be bundled together in descriptive and intriguing discounted packages and combinations such as: The Full Monty, A Bridge too Far, No Fly Zone and Land of the Giants.

So at make the most of this merry time of year and don’t stop at thinking about what to do in Victoria Falls or a sequential list of things to do in Victoria Falls – think of the most cost effective means of combining your world class activities in some of Shearwater’s excellent packages.


The Carnival Cometh


It is approaching that time of year when thoughts are attuning to Christmas and all the merry festivities it involves. Of course shortly after that the hoof flicking, rug cutting and shapeshifting extravaganza of the New Year Bonanza that is The Jameson Vic Falls Carnival rolls into town, Things to do in Victoria Falls take a bizarre night time twist in what is traditionally a ‘’daytime’’ activity hub.

The annual pilgrimage of the Southern African youth throughout it’s diaspora start heading for the Northwest corner of Zimbabwe shortly after Christmas. On their minds is clearly the burning question – ‘’what to do in Victoria Falls’’ once they get here. Understandably partying hard and the illusive prospect of romance (ok, ok – more likely a dangerous liaison), is uppermost on most febrile minds. However even the siren calls of the likeminded can become muted when arrivistes become aware of the spectacular array of world class activities in Victoria Falls.

Few true hearted folk of Africa could fail to desire to engage in a truly epic Southern African rite of passage: White-water Rafting the spectacular and egregiously mighty Zambezi river: right from the boiling pot at the very foot of the incredible Victoria Falls– deep in the heart of the rent made in the earth’s crust that is known as the Batoka gorge. 20 kms meandering through pristine primeval evolution is reason good enough – but nothing – no video, photo or go pro can ever prepare anyone for the first time their raft slips over the edge of the crease and they are about to hit the foaming rage of a grade 5 rapid in their inflatable dinghy. To have the opportunity to do this with close friends is not only a bonding experience that will last a lifetime, but is also one of the most exciting adrenaline fuelled adventures amidst the beauty of nature at its rawest, that most will ever have the privilege of enjoying.

Then of course – there is the bungee badge of honour. No-one could possibly suggest that this is for the fainthearted , and things to do in Victoria Falls don’t come any more extreme than this. Everything about the bungee jump off the Victoria Falls Bridge is iconic. The back drop behind the jump platform, is the Victoria Falls itself – casting clouds of mist and rainbows all about, ensuring this is a truly exotic adrenaline adventure. The bridge is an African classic – the 110 year old engineering marvel that joins 2 countries Zimbabwe and Zambia, 110meteres above the border of the fast flowing Zambezi below. Being asked to step forward and curl your toes over a platform with absolutely no barrier in front of you and a big void of space below you is a seminal moment.

What to do in Victoria Falls takes on a different dynamic at New Year, but white-water rafting and bungee jumping remain 2 of the bucket list essentials of things to do in Victoria Falls for all revellers and ravers form the corners of the continent.

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