Charm of the Chobe


An ever greater number of visitors to the Victoria Falls are realising that they are within reach of one of the best safari experiences possible in Africa: The Chobe. And for those that are already in Botswana, The Victoria Falls is also accessible to them. All of this can be undertaken efficiently, comfortably and professionally within a day and Shearwater is most excited about these continuing mutual possibilities:

This corner of Africa has always been special to say the least. Bountifully blessed as we are with one of the natural wonders of the world. It is also a place that evokes a strong sense of history – being one of the seminal discoveries on the journeys of David Livingstone. As the town has developed over time, visitor experience has been enriched by the varied range of so many things to do in victoria falls: Guided Tour of the Falls, Helicopter flight of angels, Bungee Jump, Elephant Back Safaris, White-Water Rafting – and so the long list of what to do in Victoria Falls continues.

However a vacation in Victoria Falls is also an excellent opportunity to enjoy one of the most spectacular safari experiences anywhere/ever – right on our doorstep, but in the neighbouring country of Botswana. The Chobe Day trip. This will provide you with a game spotting excursion beyond all expectation. In fact the challenge is not spotting game – its not spotting it. What you will generally see on a one day Chobe Day Trip will most probably outweigh considerably the total mass of everything else you have seen on all other game drives combined.

An early 1 hour trip down the Kazungula rd in a comfortable and meticulously clean and air conditioned transfer vehichle will take you to the border. Hyena, wild dog and lion have often been spotted en route alone. Border immigration will be dealt with expeditiously by your guide, and assuming you have followed advice and purchased a kaza visa, there is no extra charge for the new countries stamp you are about to get in your passport. After the border you will be taken to the Chobe Safari lodge where the first part of your safari adventure begins.

A 2 hour river safari follows on the charming Chobe river. Not only will you see: Elephants, buffalo, hippos, crocodiles, – it’s the sheer number you will see them in and the proximity you get to them. Brush up on you collective nouns: bloat of hippos, float of Crocdiles, But that’s not it. You will doubtless also see elephants swimming – herds of them, and traffic jams of elephants coming across hippos on the way back to land. Grimace as you see the largest crocodiles you have ever imagined. Perhaps you like birds – there are so many different species of waders, fishers divers and hoverers to keep you occupied all day: and so many dazzling colours: malachite kingfishers, bright orange bee eaters. Its truly a wildlife paradise. Your expert on-board guide will provide you with not only all the insight and information you could wish for, but can also spot the smallest flicker of interest from impossible distances. Naturally you will be refreshed throughout the trip with snacks and drinks of the highest quality.

After a 2 hour cruise, head back to the lodge for a marvellous and extensive buffet lunch and maybe cooling dip in the pool. Then its all about the land safari in the Chobe national park. No doubt you will see herds of elephants and buffalo again, but now also giraffe, impala, kudu, waterbuck,and the rarer Lechwe. This is also a very good park in which there is a strong possibility of seeing big 5 animals like lion and leopard. So whilst we are very proud of the amazing things to do in Victoria Falls, sometimes the best of what to do in Victoria Falls, means using it as a base to access another natural marvel.

For those that have centered their stay on the amazing Okavango delta and the game opportunities in Botswana, a Victoria Falls daytrip is an excellent opportunity to ensure you do not miss Africa’s most stunning natural wonder – without having to organise another visa or more accommodation. Whilst there are so many things to do in Victoria Falls, there is no doubting that the greatest appeal for most is actually seeing the falls. A day trip from Kasane to Victoria falls will bring you comfortably and expeditiously to Victoria Falls town, and if you have sensibly organised a Guided Tour of the Falls, your guide will be there to greet you. All the superlatives have been used about the falls, and they are appropriate. Having toured the falls, stop at the excellent Rainforest café and take a moment to relax and reflect – and probably use the wifi to send envious photos and footage to friends and networks around the world.

After a spot of lunch there could be nothing better to do now than the amazing flight of angels helicopter ride. You are likely to only be in this sacred spot of Africa once in your lifetime, do not miss the opportunity to actual see what David Livingstone referred to when he spoke of ‘’angels in their flight must have gazed in wonder’’ – the incredible aerial view of the falls. Your only final challenge is deciding on what to do in Victoria Falls for your last hour or so, but with so much on offer any choice will be well made. Rest assured your return transfer will be punctual and will return you to Kasane with all your memories safely stored.


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